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Goodbye Winter: Hello SPRING

New season: New products!! It's super important to understand how environmental factors influence our skin's behavior. During the winter, dry dull skin typically performs well with the use of cream-based makeup products and moisture-rich skincare. Now that we are approaching Spring, with Summer around the corner, consider investing in more lightweight products. The primary reason for the skin changes is the moisture in the air. Colder months=less moisture while warmer months=more moisture.

For the sake of being all inclusive, I've noted different budget options as well as linking items that work with the rainbow of colors of women on this beautiful planet. Soooooo let's review some ideal product swaps!

Amazon Tip: Only buy from trusted vendors, buying from the wrong vendor will leave you disappointed. My links are to the trusted vendors!

Before we begin, let me just get this out of the way, practicing self care each and every day is truly the gift that keeps on giving! When you take care of your mind and body - it shows. Our skin is a tell-tale sign of what's going on in the inside. My tips, products, and tools will achieve an immediate result, but nothing will make a lasting impression on your mind, body, and skin like your commitment to healthy eating, stress reduction, sufficient sleep, and exercise. Ok-ok mini lecture over!


Key words to look for when shopping for skincare during the warmer months; lightweight, gel moisturizers, oil free, noncomedogenic, etc.

No matter the time of the year a day time moisturizer with SPF is a must! I love both of these brands Elta MD and Pacifica. They both do a great job of keeping nasty chemicals out of their products. Check out Pacifica Mattify & Protect OR Elta MD UV Restore.

As mentioned more moisture in the air will increase your chances of clogged pores. Opt for a lightweight moisturizer like Neutrogena Hydro Boost OR Elta MD PM Therapy.

During the warmer months choose a chemical exfoliant over manual, abrasive exfoliants. Check out Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting Liquid. I've linked the travel size. Me personally, I like to try products at the lower cost first!


Key words to look for when shopping for makeup during the warmer months; light weight, cream to powder, matte finish, oil control, etc.

I have not included ALL makeup products ie eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters because it is not necessary to change everything!

Foundation is important to change for two reasons; ONE your skin will likely gain more color from being under the sun more and TWO we want to focus on oil/sweat control! Here are a few options, IT Cosmetics Powder Foundation, PUR Mineral Wear, or Alima Pure Mineral Wear.

I find that with more oil and sweat on the face, our mascara is effected! I love-love-love

Benefit Cosmetics Mascara because it is not water proof but I do not experience fallout. I find that waterproof mascara is hard on my lashes. But if waterproof doesn't scare you check out Essence Lash Princess Waterproof!

Setting Spray

Use a setting spray all over your face to lock that look in! My go-to is Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray or for a more affordable option NYX Pro Matte Setting Spray. The spray will also melt all of your makeup together, creating a flawless look ;) ;)

***Side note for my lovelies with dry skin... Don't shy away from hydration prior to applying the makeup like In Transit Camera Close-Up moisturizer and primer in one. ***Application TIP: Allow the moisturizing primer/products to absorb into the skin before you go in with your makeup. The absorption is true for ALL skin types!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I do use and trust these products and share the product info to help others save money and get results from quality products!!

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