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Magnetic tattoo removal

The Magnetic Tattoo Remoov procedure is a non-invasive body and cosmetic tattoo removal system that utilizes a patented Tattoo Remoov™ Solution, used in conjunction with a handheld machine powering Magnetic Round Square 88 Needles to safely and effectively remove tattoo pigment, tattoo dyes, heavy metals, and other toxins from the epidermis. 

The Tattoo Remoov™ Solution is placed on the area for removal while the machine powers the magnetic needles to safely hover over the epidermis to expel the tattoo pigments and other toxins. The needles do not penetrate the skin.  The magnetic, ultrasound, mechanical, and physical actions produced in this technique not only expel unwanted tattoo ink and other toxins from your body, but activates your body’s own rebuilding process from the dermal layer.

✅Tattoo Remoov™ solution is not an acid, a saline, an enzyme, TCA, Acid lactic, Phytic or Glycolic, rather has a low alkaline base PH of 8.5.
✅The products to be used has been certified by the FDA,  CPNP registration , Certificate of Free Sales, and Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice.
✅The Non-Invasive Magnetic needles to be used with the technique has patented in USA, Europe, China, Russian and Hong Kong. 
✅It is effective on all types of inks organic, inorganic, synthetic, and mineral.
✅It is effective absolutely on all ink colors, including white (titanium).
✅It is effective during all seasons winter, spring, summer, or fall.
✅It is effective on damaged skin that has scarring from previous removal techniques.
✅It is effective on all types of tattoos such as the LIPS, SCALP, PMU, Microblading, Eyeliners, Beauty spots, etc.
✅It is effective on all nationalities and phenotype skins, ranging from fair to deep dark complexions. 
✅ Our technique does not use Acids, Salines, or Lasers.

Other benefits and services of this procedure:
Lip Detox expels toxins, exfoliates, plumps, improves hypopigmentation, and brightens lips for rejuvenated lips.
Snow Lips is a treatment that includes all of the Lip Detox, but also lightens hyperpigmentation.
Brow Booster expels toxins, exfoliates, and invigorates the brow area for hair regrowth.

If you're interested in moving forward, book a 10 minute consult call over the phone and email pictures of your cosmetic tattoo.  

Cosmetic tattoo removal by magnetic tattoo removal with lip rejuvenation.
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