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Fall in love with your brows! I've got some great grooming and product tips to style those sister brows - not twins ;) (twins if you've been blessed with a symmetrical face). This blog has two parts; first part covers how to groom and the second, how to style them with your makeup routine.

Amazon Tip: Only buy from trusted vendors, buying from the wrong vendor will leave you disappointed. My links are to the trusted vendors!


Step 1 TOOLS: Gather your tools; light source, mirror, scissors, spoolie, and tweezers.

Step 2 BRUSH UP: If you don't have a lighted mirror, find a well-lit area like next to a window. Use your spoolie to brush your eyebrow hairs in an upward motion. You should see some hairs are curled and much longer than others.

Step 3 TRIM: Grab your round tip scissors to trim the longer hairs from above the brow, starting at the tail of your brow following your brow shape all the way to the other end of your brow. The round tip allows you to easily glide across the top of your brow safely. Now your brows should be one length.

Step 4 TWEEZE: Find the scraggler hairs, above and below your brows, to remove these hairs. Any time you are about to tweeze, cleanse the area before and after to reduce the chances of bacteria settling into the now open pores. Also clean your tools before and after!


I will style my brows after I've applied my coverage/concealer and bronzing/contouring. I don't want to ruin my good brow works while blending with brushes sweeping across my forehead and face! When you do your brows during your makeup routine is your choice. Please know that the below you don't have to do each step, however, I do strongly encourage the use of a brow gel and highlighting pencil.

Step 1 BRUSH UP: Use your spoolie to brush those brows up.*Steps 2 & 3 can be skipped if you don't have time or just don't want to!

Step 2 DRAW: Grab your brow pencil, my go-to's are NYX or it Cosmetics! Line the bottom and top of your brow with light scooting marks. DO NOT draw a hard/harsh line above or below. Any areas that are lacking hair, do little strokes in the direction of the hair in that area to keep it natural looking.

Step 3 HIGHLIGHT: To add lift and to brighten your eyes, use a highlighting/concealer pencil/crayon or your concealer with a small concealer brush. Cargo Cosmetics has a great waterproof shimmer eyeshadow stick and I keep a matte NYX concealer pencil in my kit. Glide the pencil along the bottom of your brow and only above the highest point of your brow, and in the corner of your eyes (optional), then blend with your ring finger or the small concealer brush. *Tip: I do not recommend using a cream eyeshadow in the crease of your eye as most will be sticky/clumpy. Cream shimmers are most complementary on highlight points!

Step 4 SET IT: I know we have all heard of the comb over trick, but I'm here to introduce to you the "brow comb over"! I highly doubt this will ever trend, but it makes me giggle and that's good enough for me. Using your brow gel, lightly brush those hairs up and toward the tail of your brow, also using the tip to strategically place hairs to cover up holes, the comb over. Once you've got your brows in place, take your finger or the flat short side of the benefit eyebrow gel to comb the top hairs down; starting from above the brow end closest to your nose, working your way down to the tail end of the brow. My absolute favorite eyebrow gel is Benefits 24-HR Brow Gel - the brush is the best! Another more affordable option and does work is NYX Control Freak. I have found if I don't clean my brow gel wand after each use, much like mascara, it will cause it to get clumpy and flakey on your brows.

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I do use and trust these products and share the product info to help others save money and get results from quality products!!

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