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Just For Men!

I realize for a few years my tag lines and quotes have been geared toward women! But let the record show I would be happy to take care of the guys too. I have several services that have been growing popularity with men :) Looking to do some "guy-brow" magic and more!

Through 09/01/2023 I am offering 50% OFF all services for the first 5 male bookings. Feel free to book services, such as but not limited to, brow maintenance, lash lifts & tints, henna brows, etc. Tell your guys to use coupon code "JustForMen" at checkout during booking.

I could also use some models for the services below:

Do you want to lighten dark spots, hyperpigmentation or camouflage hypopigmentation on your lips?!

Snow Lips is the answer! The service will expel toxins, exfoliate, plump, and improve pigmentation for rejuvenated lips. The magnetic, ultrasound, mechanical, and physical actions produced in this technique not only expel unwanted tattoo ink and other toxins from the body, but activates the body’s own rebuilding process. Only 3 male model spots available.

The nano technique is performed with a tattoo machine gun using a needle size range of .25-.35mm. The machine uses the tiny needle to deposit pigment into the skin tiny pixels at a time in the form of a natural looking hair stroke or with a powdery finish. Only 3 male model spots available.

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that my blogs are based on my review of the industry and my personal experience. Please, do your own research when you are in the market for such services. If you would like specific info on services I offer, ie service length, pricing, and results, please go to my booking page. You are most welcome to email me directly with specific questions.


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