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Great HAIR Don't CARE

Updated: May 27, 2021

I've HAIRD your requests loud and clear; let's talk about hair mkay! Let's talk volume, waves/curls, the perfect blow out, and treatments! Although I am not a licensed hair stylist who cuts, dyes, and washes hair; styling hair has been an acquired skill and complements my makeup services well. Not to mention, I have probably rocked every hairstyle under the sun.

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If you have thin, flat, or just want some big Texas hair, this section is for you! First, you need the right styling products. I recommend using a volumizing mousse like got2b VoluManiac Mousse . In my experience mousse doesn't weigh hair down like a cream or serum. Don't forget to add in some heat protectant with TresEmme Heat Tamer. What I love about this spray is that it makes my hair feel smooth and shiny, I would recommend it for ALL hair types! Tip: Start with clean, washed hair. You don't want any remaining residue/conditioner left because excess products weigh down the hair. Start with the mousse and then spritz the heat tamer, both products will go onto damp hair. I split my hair down the middle and place the product one side at a time from top to bottom. Blow dry the top of your hair (crown area) first, using a round brush or one step styler pictured below. Once crown section of hair is dry, finger roll into 3 sections, then clip with alligator clamps to lock in volume. You can start drying the remaining sections of your hair at the nap of your neck in small sections, working your way back up to the crown. If you intend to add some waves curls, do not bring styling tool all the way up to your root, the extra heat pressed into your head will collapse your volume; curl from mid length to ends. For a final boom-pow volume, flip your head over and spray throughout with hairspray or a dry shampoo like Living Proof Dry Shampoo. This flip and spray method can be done throughout the day to freshen up that dew that you did! *If new growth is what you desire, I recommend Aveda's Invati. I received my eshti training from Aveda and worked at a few salons, a friend of mine raved after I recommended Invati to her. I would not recommend buying salon exclusive products like Aveda through Amazon, like EVER. Find your local salon! I did find Pura D'or on amazon that has some stellar reviews! Personally, I have not used and have no friends that have either, so I cannot speak from personal experience on this one.


I have wavy-curly hair and my daughter has the most beautiful ringlets! I have spent tons of money and loads of time finding my favorite products and routine. For styling my hair I love to use Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil to prime my hair before any styles to receive it's UV AND HEAT styling protection benefits. Although it's an oil - it doesn't weigh the hair down. I've got two favorite mousses for my thick, fine hair, OGX Coconut Curls and Not your Mothers Curl Talk Mousse. If you have thick, coarse hair, I highly recommend Kevin Murphy Killer Curls. This is a salon-exclusive brand, find your nearest salon. Tip: For waves, I have found parting my hair down the middle and with praying hands I apply my products root to end. Then using a paddle brush, I spread the product evenly. Once product is even, I add some more water using a Fine Mist Spray Bottle so my hair can regain its curl pattern. After that, I take a t-shirt and scrunch any excess water out, head upside down. After moisture is absorbed into the t-shirt, I use my flat hand to push the ends of my hair to my scalp, pressing my hands and turning my head, side to side and up and down, to activate all the curl patterns. I let my hair airdry and will gently flip and toss my so it dries evenly. I personally do not diffuse. If you've got your diffusing down, then by all means - do it! With curly hair (bi-racial daughter) I apply products and style in smaller sections from nap of neck to the top of the head. In each section, after product is applied, I micro mist, brush through, and using a t-shirt I scrunch. Her hair air dries as well. If I want some extra shine; I will wait until hair is dry then add another pump of Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil using praying hands to apply. Raking through your hair with your fingertips will disrupt your curl pattern and create frizz and just create a hot mess all together! Another option that works and doesn't weigh the hair down is a "dry oil" spray. My favorite WAS Macadamia's Micromist Dry Oil, but has been discontinued boooo. I haven't found my new fave, but once I do I will update this ;)


Ok-ok-ok, here we go! A good blowout starts with a good 'ol wash. Using your fingertips, scrub that scalp area (not nails) with your shampoo, then condition as normal. You will want all residues and remanences of conditioner gone-gone. This process is similar to the volume section above, you need a nice fresh canvas to maximize your blowout result! When you are style prepping, grab a heat protectant, Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil or TresEmme Heat Tamer, then choose either a volumizing mousse like got2b VoluManiac Mousse which is great for the crown of anyone's head, not just fine hair, or if you want a more polished look, opt for Moroccan Oil Smoothing Lotion. Remember creams/lotions are heavier on the hair than mousse! You can totally mix and match. For me, I have thick, fine hair so I like to add volume to the crown of my head then use a smoothing lotion from middle of hair to ends. My favorite tool to blow dry is the Revlon One Step Hair Dryer . With one tool, it speeds up my time which means less time sweating and holding my arms up lol. It will blowout my daughter's ringlets as well! I will not have any frizz - scouts honor! After you have blow dried and you want to curl go for a Curl Iron/Wand. Choose the barrel size based on the length of your hair and/or desired curl. Tip: Blow dry your hair in very small sections, especially if you have coarse, curly, or wavy hair! Don't be lazy, the smaller the section - the better the end result and the longer the blowout will last. Style and set your hair with a hairspray, Biolage Styling Freeze or Moroccanoil work very well.


With the use of styling products, heat, pollution, and other environmental factors, our hair could always go for some additional TLC! During the winter our hair and skin get dry and during the summer, exposure to the sun, pool, and beach, our hair gets thirsty! My top hair treatments in no particular order...1, 2, 3, go! Nexxus Masque comes in a pack of 10 (one pack I managed to get (4) applications), Macadmia Deep Repair Masque will last you a long while, and OlaPlex. Olaplex is pricier however, after my blonde highlights, it truly restored my hair's strength. OlaPlex is a style prep AND a post style cream versus Nexxus and Macadamia being hair masks. The mask products would act as in shower conditioning mask, once or twice a week.

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I do use and trust these products and share the product info to help others save money and get results from quality products!!

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