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Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Do you think it's possible to buy a wonderfully amazing mascara, along with an equally wonderfully amazing lash serum; all under $40!?! Well, I am here to say: Yes, yes you can! Oh and you can get these items on Amazon. I know most, if not all, people love how quickly Amazon packages arrive!!

Amazon Tip: Only buy from trusted vendors, buying from the wrong vendor will leave you disappointed. My links are to the trusted vendors!

First product is the Essy Natural Lash Serum or VieBeauty Lash Seru I personally have used both products and I have been extremely impressed by my lash growth! After 3 weeks you will see results! I receive compliments all the time and my clients also ask me how to get long healthy lashes to prepare for the lash lift and tint. If you don't believe little ol' me. Just take a little peak at the other thousand reviewers!! As a side note, I have not seen a huge difference in growing "new" eyebrow hair, however the length and rate at which the existing hair grows, has greatly improved. Application Tip: Use a spoolie brush to comb this through your lashes to condition the entire lash while also keeps the lashes from growing in different directions.

Next up, is a mascara that does not disappoint and is extremely affordable, Essence Lash Princess.

I will also link below the waterproof, for all my peeps that like the extra layer of protection from fall out or transfer. I will say that I naturally have oily eyelids and experience little to no fall out or transfer with the non waterproof. I can confidently compare this to the brand Thrive Cosmetics. I have personally used both and experienced no difference in quality. Thrive's full size mascara costs around $40. This is no knock to Thrive because their mascara is wonderful. Application Tip: Curl your lashes prior to applying mascara. And a friendly reminder to remove mascara every evening, especially the waterproof . I find that my lashes suffer when I don't properly cleanse and nourish them each evening!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I do use and trust these products and share the product info to help others save money and get results from quality products!!

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