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MO' MakeUP: Fix It & Extend It!

It's time to put on your makeup AND THEN to your displeasure; a broken pallet or dry clumpy mascara, or-or you've got only a smidgen of your favorite concealer?!? Dun Dun Dun... Oh what to do?!? WAIT! Rhonda wrote a blog on that... Indeed, I did and you're readin' it (lol). Keep readin' to learn how to fix it and extend it!

Amazon Tip: Only buy from trusted vendors, buying from the wrong vendor will leave you disappointed. My links are to the trusted vendors!

Before we begin, let me just get this out of the way: Practicing self care each and every day is truly the gift that keeps on giving! When you take care of your mind and body - it shows. Not a concealer in the world or the most beautiful shade of lipstick will fix what's really going on with you. Our skin is a tell-tale sign of health. Many of my tips, products, and tools will achieve an immediate external result. However nothing will make a lasting impression more than your commitment to healthy eating, stress reduction, sufficient sleep, and exercise. Beauty does indeed start within. Ok-ok mini lecture over!


  1. Broken Eye Shadow or other Powder Pallet: Use 70% alcohol to rebind your powder back into it's original form. Crush the chunks in the shadow pan with a toothpick or similar tool. Add a few drops of alcohol and use a tissue/napkin to flatten the powder down. Let it dry!

  2. Dry/Clumpy Mascara: Grab some eye drops or an eye saline solution, use a few drops in the mascara tube, clean excess mascara off of the wand with cellophane or other nonlint/nonstick material, place the wand back inside the tube, and finally mix it a bit. AND there you have it, clump-free, re-moistened mascara for the win!

  3. Broken Lipstick: Use heat from a lighter or candle to melt the pieces back together. Be careful lol

  4. Cloudy Film: It's very likely that we have all experienced a film, glaze over our powdered shadows or highlighters. Grab a napkin or spoolie to break up the film on top. You can then disinfect with alcohol.


  1. Liquid/Cream Coverage: Whether you are on your last drop of your favorite foundation or concealer OR you want to extend its life by makin mo' makeup; for day time grab a moisturizer like Elta MD to mix with the liquid or cream coverage OR grab a toner to achieve the same result without sun protection. This will also create a nice dewy look that's perfect for all ages and occasions! For your nighttime look the toner will be perfect because sun protection is not needed.

  2. Makeup Brushes: Do not let your brushes get build up. Good brushes can last for years! Brushes should be washed once a week. My favorite, inexpensive brush cleanser is EcoTools makeup brush and sponge shampoo. If you don't have a brush cleanser, opt for your shampoo instead of a heavy duty hand or dish soap that will dry out your bristles and sponge.

  3. Storage: Store your makeup in a makeup bag or organized in your home. It's important that your makeup isn't tossed about in a large bag, breaking your containers and potentially breaking your pallets. Also your products should not be left in the heat like a hot car. The heat will destroy the quality of your makeup, along with creating a playground for bacteria and dirt (yuck).

  4. Disinfect Pallets: Transfer your 70% alcohol into a spray bottle to spritz your makeup pallets ever so often to keep your makeup clean and free of bacteria. This also keeps your pallets from developing that film.

  5. Dampen Your Beauty Blenders/Sponge: Save your favorite foundation and concealers by adding a bit of water to your sponge or beauty blenders. You can also use a toner in lieu of water. When your sponges are dry they end up soaking up more makeup than your face.

And last, but certainly not least, in case you wanted to just go all out and splurge on your skincare and makeup....a cool, dark place is considered best practice! Go ahead and get you a little beauty fridge ;) This Cooluli fridge comes in multiple colors. Plus your skincare products will better reduce any redness and/or puffiness, like in the eye area, when the products are kept refrigerated.

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I do use and trust these products and share the product info to help others save money and get results from quality products!!

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