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Updated: Jun 16, 2022

A plenty.....With all the targeted ads, social media, youtube, and bloggers (me) etc we are bombarded with so many "miracle" devices to buy. I've got some good news and I've got some bad news. The good news is that "YES", many handheld devices are great and they CAN work! The bad news; you actually have to use them consistently with the right techniques and serums/products that are right for your skin to obtain results . Skincare is just like working out, eating right, and vitamin supplements. If you are not committed to a consistent routine and taking care of your body, you will not see the benefits reflected in your appearance!

Amazon Tip: Only buy from trusted vendors, buying from the wrong vendor will leave you disappointed. My links are to the trusted vendors! This blog is based on my personal experience and what works for my household! Check out my Beauty Starts on the Inside blog for additional skincare products I use on a daily basis.

There are 3 key things to accomplish with your skincare; product absorption, circulation, and consistency.


**Safe to use high frequency massage everyday not to exceed 5 minutes each treatment and Gua Sha up to (3) times per week.

Your face needs circulation and oxygenated blood flow. Like yoga and massage therapy for your body - it really works! You can more efficiently remove toxins and fluid build up while relaxing overworked facial muscles.

2 in 1 Facial Massage and the Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set are great to use with your serums and eye creams.The jade roller was the first tool I was trained in from the Aveda Institute. I personally prefer the 2 in 1 since they battery operated! They also help tremendously with the area between my eyes and my forehead which is where my headaches radiate from.

As with any skin treatment you will start with a clean face. Apply serums and eye creams and use the tool(s) to help the product penetrate the skin deeper while releasing tension in facial muscles. The network of muscles under the skin hold expressions, effecting the skin. With the "2 in 1 Face Massage Set" or the "Gua Sha Tool" you will use the facial guide below to ensure you are going in the right direction. You will start in the midline of your face working your way to the outside parameter of your face. Ultimately, you are going against natural gravity that pulls down on the skin. You will never pull your skin in a downward motion with beauty devices like massage, moisturizer, or with cleansing. The "Jade Roller" is especially great for your eye area; think circles and figure eight movements. You can further reduce face and eye puffiness by placing the Jade Roller in a bowl of ice water prior to using!

When I really want a treat I will use a moisturizing sheet mask with the handheld devices! Key term is "sheet" mask. It's super refreshing! I've used several brands and my favorite sheet mask is Pacifica Stress Rehab.


**Recommended (3) treatments per week for 10-20 minutes.

Led Face Mask or if you would like to combine massage with light therapy, Facial Massage with Light Therapy . Personally the handheld massage with light therapy will be your better option if you want more freedom to treat areas outside of the face. We tend to forget about our neck and decollete; show those areas some TLC too!

Start with a clean face! You do not have to use a serum prior to the treatment, after is totally ok. The picture below explains the benefits of each type of light; choose one ore more based on your concerns. For example, I may opt for red around my eye area and the purple light on my cheeks. "The Light Therapy Mask" is obviously a sit and wait treatment, whereas with the handheld "Facial Massage with Light Therapy", you will have to put in a little work. Similar to the massage and high frequency devices listed above, the picture with directional arrows will ensure you are using the most effective technique. Do not use the handheld device in a downward motion; always midline of face, then outward and upward.


**Recommended UP TO (3) times per week!

The micro-punctures into your skin cause your skin to repair on a cellular level, like generating more collagen. This also allows better product absorption. Your skin can more easily receive the treatment and nutrients packed into our products.

The 7 in 1 Derm Roller at home microneedling kit is wonderful. You can shop for individual derm rollers outisde of the kit, but the different sizes come in handy! I gotta big forehead, so that large one cuts down on passes lol.

The directions in the picture below give you a good idea of how to use! In addition to whats listed on the info graphic, I would apply a moisturizing serum/oil prior to rolling. This helps the tool to glide more easily. Same as the other approach, start with your face split right down the middle, working from the center, outward and upward. Focus on each area, such as the chin and jaw, cheek, eye area, and forehead. Working in those smaller sections you will roll the derma roller in each direction; up and down, sideways, and diagonally.

To get the BIGGEST BANG out of a microneedling session, follow it up with light therapy and/or light therapy with massage all over your face! If I am focusing on my eye area, I will use this Gold Eye Mask after microneedling the eye area. These eye masks also have benefits with use outside of microneedling treatments. I'll use these on my brides or myself before an event or date night! The eye mask product is pictured below, continue to scroll down to the last block of images.



Currently, I am using this Organic Serum with Retin A, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin E. Having a background and licensing in skincare, I know that the ingredients that you should always be looking for in your serum is Retin A, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid and this one has all of those. I am 36 with sensitive skin and I have had zero irritation if you're looking for a product to try. Put this on before your microneedling, high frequency massage, and light therapy (if applicable).


I absolutely love Pacifica's Stress Rehab sheet mask and love Pacifica as a brand for skincare in general. But this mask - RIGHT HERE?! Your face will feel like a million bucks. The cherry on top is that it is vegan, cruelty friendly, and clean!


I learned about this 24K Gold Eye Mask through a friend and I am so happy I did! Not only is it a great personal item to have, I will use these for my brides as needed. It truly does what it says; reduces puffiness (significantly), moisturizes, and plumps fine lines. A great treat to yourself whether you are getting ready for an event or just need a little pick-me-up! They can also be turned sideways to treat those Marie Antionette smile lines. Place these in the fridge for an additional cooling effect.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I do use and trust these products and share the product info to help others save money and get results from quality products!!

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