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Pretty in Pink: Romantic MakeUp Vibes

xoxoHappy Valentine's Day xoxo!! Whether you're celebrating a Valentine's or a Galentine's, nothing like a little pop of pink with a dreamy eye to catch cupid's attention! No need to make your V.Day look complicated. Hair and makeup in less than 30! Follow these steps and if you need a visual my tutorial video is linked below!

Amazon Tip: Only buy from trusted vendors, buying from the wrong vendor will leave you disappointed. My links are to the trusted vendors!

Before we begin, let me just get this out of the way, practicing self care each and every day is truly the gift that keeps on giving! When you take care of your mind and body - it shows. Our skin is a tell-tale sign of what's going on in the inside. Many of my tips, products, and tools will achieve an immediate result, but nothing will make a lasting impression on your mind, body, and skin like your commitment to healthy eating, stress reduction, sufficient sleep, and exercise. Ok-ok mini lecture over!

  1. Skin Prep: I love my In Transit Camera Close-Up mask, moisturizer, and primer in one. Honestly, I usually don't swear by a primer because a good exfoliation with moisturizer can do the trick. This primer is wonderful and really does work! It's packed with antioxidants, caffeine, and hyaluronic to maintain that beautiful glow.

  2. Allover Coverage: Try out Purlisse Radiant Glow Illuminating BB Cream for a smooth radiant effect. Apply it with a kabuki brush for your fastest coverage. I spray my brush with a toner right before I add 1 or 2 pumps of my BB cream or other foundation. It depends on your level of coverage. ***Application Tip: If you want to lock this coverage in place, spritz on some setting spray before you move on. See step 10 for my product!

  3. Bronzer: Grab your bronzer or contour color and start sculpting that beautiful face! Place the bronzer under the highest point of your cheek bones and then blend up and back. Blend the bronzer around your hairline and right under your jaw line - not on your line.

  4. Eyes: Prep your eyelid with a tad of concealer to cancel out any coloring and it works as a primer to help the makeup stick! Check out It's Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, great coverage and is waterproof. For more tips on where to use the concealer check out my Bright Eyes Blog which also has many other tips, tricks, and products! Once eyes are prepped go back in with a fluffy eye shadow brush and blend your bronzer right into the crease.

  5. Cheeks: Grab your blush! I'm using Laura Geller Baked Blush which I love. It goes on so smoothly and already has some highlighting elements to give your cheeks a blushing glow. Apply with a fluffy, blush brush starting on top of the fullest part of your cheeks, then blending in circular motion back and up, on top of your cheeks all the way to your temples.

  6. Pretty in Pink: Take your ring finger, pick up some of the blush and place it right on your eyelid - not in your crease. Grab that blush brush without picking up any more pigment, swirl it on your chin and tip of your nose. This will give you that V.Day Pretty in Pink glow!

  7. Brows: Take your brow pencil with a spoolie, my fave is It Brow Power , brush those brows up. Fill in the sparse areas with your brow pencil, using light flicks, not harsh drawing. Blend them out with the spoolie and then seal them in place with a brow gel . Need help with your brows, here is another Browmance Blog.

  8. Lashes: Curl those babies and then apply your favorite mascara. Check out my Best Lashes Ever Blog for my favorite lash products.

  9. Lips: Let's whip those lips into shape! Ladies do not be afraid of some color. I can assure you, a bold lip will definitely take your look from day to night, real quick! BUT if you're not ready, I understand. Fortunately, my all time absolute fave lip product, Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip, has various colors to choose from. Your lips will not feel stick or icky. It feels like a light mousse and stays.

  10. Setting Spray: Use a setting spray all over your face to lock that look in! My go-to is Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. You can also use a toner spray.

  11. Setting Powder: I apply my setting powder AFTER my setting spray! My places are under my eyes and T-zone area. This will ensure my concealer stays put and my more oily areas remain matte! You can choose a powder that's 2 shades lighter than your complexion like your concealer shade OR you can choose a translucent powder. It's safe to use a translucent powder all over your face if you have very oily skin.

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I do use and trust these products and share the product info to help others save money and get results from quality products!!

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